1. I Pissed

    next to Brian Dennehy (at the adjacent urinal). Thank you, V-show.

  2. Another Overhearer  

    I'm to understand that the V show is a subject of some friction from other performing arts groups, because they've got such a huge budget and backing from the administration that they end up being block busters, Wal-Mart style, monopolizing Roone Arledge, as well as the performers themselves (and audiences too, I'd imagine). I'm certainly glad my group's performance isn't up against it.

  3. what price varsity?  

    my gripe? the varsity show eats people. the show may be fun, but i've seen the best minds of my generation reduced to staring, sleepless madmen because of everything having to do with this show.

    with a big budget, greater flexibility from administrators, and an active alumni crowd, it's possible to achieve some amazing things, even in a dump like lerner. but i'd rather have my youth.

  4. DHI  

    This is probably a lie these guys think vegan cake is better than normal cake.

  5. bwog is  

    self involved. try loving the references to yourself in that show JUST a little more.

  6. forward thinking  

    That girl's gripe is a little old... that's how things were in the old days, before la revolucion this year, when everyone involved in it changed (only three people remained from last year in the entire group). They still have lots of money, and get bigger audiences, but at least they're not complete douchebags about it any more.

    • someone who knows

      "I hate the Varsity Show, I hate everyone involved with it, and I hate it as an institution."

      This isn't the right year to open that can of worms. Although the three leftovers are evil fucks, they are far outnumbered by stellar human beings in the cast and chorus and support positions.

      And who, having seen this year's V-Show, could've not loved it?

  7. yay  

    But EVERYBODY loves Zach in a wig.....

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