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Participate in Bwog’s caption contest— the following photos from Columbia’s homepage are lacking good captions. Help them out!

people studying 

Post your captions in the comments. Winners will receive a signed copy of the May issue of The Blue and White and everlasting Bwog glory.

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  1. sen  

    A: Dr. Chen expresses dismay when being told that since her student visa expired, she would have to be deported, and no, Dr. Fitzwilliams will not settle to be loved long time.

    B: Brown v. Board of Education

  2. Alyona

    A. Dr. Wang and Dr. McDreamy disccuss a patient's worsening case, while Intern Sara Fey remembers the wad of cotton she accidentally left sitting in aforementioned patient's right ventricle.

  3. M.R.  

    a) From Left to Right: "I wish I were Dr. McNinja..."

    "It has to be Cardiosterniculodehydronosis."

    "Umm, guys... is the monitor supposed to be flashing and beeping like that?"

    "No, I'm the good looking doctor. I'm always right."

    b) This table is an Approved SHOCC Safe Space, brought to you by the OMA.

  4. Christ, what assholes!  

    Wow, show a picture of two black people studying and half the responses will be racist. Well done guys.

    • calm down  

      I don't think they're racist. I think they are pointing out how Columbia putting a picture of two black people studying on the homepage is a desperate try to show the "diversity" of Columbia. I applaud these captions for pointing out what Columbia is really trying to say with this picture, which is, "Look we have black people, and they can be smart too!" So opportunistic.

  5. ttan  

    A. Many Columbia graduates go on to high-profile careers after majoring in scientific careers, such as these alumni on General Hospital.

    B. Columbia students enjoy some coveted one-on-one time after classes.

  6. here's a go

    Asian doctor: Do you want some pie?

    Male Doctor: Why would I want pie? I hate pie.

    Asian doctor: Who hates pie?

    Male Doctor:I hate pie. You never listen to me.

    Asian doctor: Pie Nazi.

    Male Doctor: Cobbler Whore

  7. ugh.

    if these are the entries, please don't pick a winner.

  8. um  

    what a lame prize. why would anyone want a signed copy of the blue and white? are you that self-involved that you think that people would really want that?


  9. hello  

    "I understand the times, Tina. Change. Diversity. You're here. But no matter how hard the black people study, we're not letting them into medical school."

  10. heya  

    B. Columbia University has a very diverse racial make-up, including two black people. Oh wait, she's from Barnard.

  11. i would assume  

    that tao tan has written at least 70% of the comments about him/attributed to him on this thread.

    Also, the no black people go to med school caption is the clear winner.

  12. my entry  

    A) Male doctor: EXCUSE ME, DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? We need you to speak English, dammit.

    Female doctor: Eh?

    For picture B, I vote for "This is an Approved SHOCC Safe Space, brought to you by OMA," by M.R. Brilliant.

  13. ..........  

    none of you has any sense of humor. your pitiful attempts at being funny make me cringe.

  14. but  

    how are you going to know who the winner is if everyone, as usual, is posting anonymously?

  15. The Columbia Experience  

    Living near 125th street for 4 years: A- Before, B- after.

  16. captions  

    A. "I wonder if he's noticed my stethoscope is showing..."

    B. "Hey baby, a lot of studying and three more years here and we can move up to grad school-level furnature!"

  17. butt man  

    i believe that dr dre's song "let's get high" has more than enough lines that could serve as captions for both of these photographs.

  18. how original

    for the first one. scrubs and grey's references/quotes

  19. toaster  

    A. "I could do the gyno exam...!"

    B. "Diversity is highly valued at Columbia"

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