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Bwog would have liked to do a QuickSpec this morning—nothing like making snarky comments to shake off a final-induced haze. To its dismay, no Year-in-Review issue appears on the Spec website, and Bwog had to wait ’til lunch today to actually read one in print. It’s 20 pages, almost 11 of which are ads. The rest is a rehash of coverage that you’d know if you’ve poked your head out of Butler more than a few times this year.

Save paper. Read The Mobius Strip instead!

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  1. you know,  

    newspapers don't pay for themselves. how often does the b&w come out again, hmm?

  2. uh  

    i think it's rare for a year-in-review to break any news. "rehash" is part of the definition, yes?

    • bwog defender  

      yeah, but that doesnt mean that in addition to the review stuff they could have added current articles - maybe summarizing how the manhattanville debate stands currently, any interesting news during finals.. something new, at least..

  3. also,  

    Since 'till is an abbreviation of the word until, it has one L, you asshats.

  4. well  

    I wanted to post online about inaccuracies because there can be no letters to the editor this year. What's the explanation for not putting this issue online?

  5. re also  

    look it up in the oed.

    "till" predates "'til".

    it's not an abbreviation.

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