1. uh oh  

    i sense another hate crime!


  2. I saw  

    Gabriel Johnston post this.

  3. schapiro  

    it was in the schapiro elevator as well

  4. yah  

    i saw gabe with a stack of papers and tape yesterday

  5. i think  

    its the no gays part, which would imply this gabe fellow is not an equal opportunity dipper

  6. i think you're all missing the point  

    after the no gays, no teeth part, and the you MUST be hot fallderall, the offer stipulates "if you're good, I'll return the favor."

    So the lucky lady gets a refridgerator and some cunnilingus on top. Talk about a sweet deal!

    If I wasn't a gay man who gave overly toothy blowjobs, I'd be refridgerating my cheap beer and Tomo leftovers right now.

  7. it's happening  

    craigslist hits printed media

  8. Prudesa  

    Gotta love those penis fountains.

  9. McFister

    Using Microsoft clip art is lame.

  10. no teeth?  

    where does it say no teeth?

    mmmm. cunnilingus....

    • no teeth  

      if you look closely at the fountain picture, you'll see there's a bite taken out of the side. I guess it could be taken to mean no eating of his penis during the blowjob.

      The picture cribbed from the Fed's Orientation issue.

  11. question  

    does the use of the penis fountain indicate this person is looking for something uncircumcised? or just doesn't want to blow a fountain?

  12. well,  

    We determined that he just put it up to get on the bwog.

  13. what  

    so I can't get a fridge?

  14. huh  

    so this gabe kid isn't willing to make a fridge for blowjob trade? no fair

  15. hey  

    i sold gabe his fridge, and it was really only $100 originally

    and he was at penn all weekend...weird

  16. fyi

    just wanted to let you know bwog is the shit, because this page is linked to on the

  17. gothamist  

    has now called us those crazy college kids. oh goody.

  18. lalalal  

    what if a straight guy wants a fridge? can he take part?

  19. you'd have to  

    ask gabe about that

  20. fridgeforblowjob  

    hey, my name is "fridge forblowjob", not gabe...

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