Facebook? Fascism? Who knew?

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A frequent contributor wrote in to say:

The Harvard-spawned fascists who control apparently have begun purging the site of one of its best features: funny profiles.

It seems they decided that Aaron Burr didn’t do his job properly the first time (did you expect any better from a Princeton alum?) and deleted Alexander Hamilton’s profile. Over 1200 Columbians and 1000 other students nationwide lost a dear friend. I attempted to log in today and received this gloating error message: “Your account has been disabled by an administrator. Please contact for more information.”

Who’s next? Barack Obama? Peter Parker? John Jay? The Man? Alma Mater? YOU? Where will they draw the line?

No profile is safe! The slave power is silencing us!…err, sorry, Foner exam in 40 minutes.

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  1. That's terrible!  

    Who are they to determine what on Facebook is *real* *true* or *legitimate*?

  2. Laurea  

    It's time to face facts: facebook is no longer cool.

    High schools on facebook?

    Prospective employers snooping on profiles?

    It's over.

  3. Peter  

    They took my John Wilkes Booth profile away months ago. No class.

  4. homer  

    i'm still around...

  5. quiqui  

    What about Jerry Orbach???

  6. facebook revolution  

    likely we need a good facebook group to express our anger, a group that will allow us to organize our revolution against facebook facism. name ideas?

  7. M.R.  

    I actually started a group titled "Fight F*cking Facebook Fascism" a while back when they did something that ticked me off. I guess we need to resurrect it.

  8. Ronald Reagan  

    They killed me 4 days ago.

  9. FDR  

    the killed me a long time ago

  10. msl

    Egad! Is my marriage to The Sea at an end? It's the most functional relationship I've ever been in!

  11. RR  

    If they kill Robot Robotson, Robot will kill them.

  12. the Man  

    God damn. I'm going to destroy myself any day now.

  13. mark rudd  

    he needs a profile.

  14. beat the system!  

    can these people re-register and force facebook to constantly track them down?

  15. Double Elle  


    Poor Hamilton.

  16. Julia  

    They can't kill Columbia Pigeon!

  17. columbia squirrel  

    guys, i'm scared

  18. er,  

    Can somebody create a Columbia Fly?

  19. Butler Library  

    there's got to be something inside me that we can use to fight zuckerberg

  20. snoopdogg  

    i was gone a month ago

  21. Kaplan  

    Really, it just sounds like Facebook is cracking down on Raza Panjwani

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