Yay! We are smart! (But Bollinger is not.)

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Prestige-obsessed Columbians should be pleased to hear that 3 2 3 of the 5 most influential “idea-makers” in New York (as ranked by New York Magazine) work at Columbia!

Everyone else should at least get some morbid thrill to know that on said magazine’s list of the 5 most influential New Yorkers in education, our own PrezBo appears not.

Update: Adding to the irony, he did make the cut for real estate.

Update 2: Robert Thurman (Uma’s dad) made it in religion.

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  1. M.R.  

    I only count two. And I think NYMag just bitchslapped CU by saying NYU is better than Columbia. Yeah, right.

  2. herb  

    NYU derserves to be better than Columbia, if bwog's lackluster counting effort is any indication of the student body's ability to count.

  3. well  

    actually. they were right the first time. Neuhaus works at Columbia (sort of, anyway). see

  4. well  

    Did you count Thurman in the religion section?

  5. vroot

    this list is bullshit. brian greene's pet theory was all but debunked a few months ago. and jeffrey sachs is just evil.

  6. prez bo did make the list  

    as a "neighborhood changer"

    how fitting the prez is more of a real estate man than an educator

  7. no love for the medical center?  

    dr. mehmet oz of CUMC made the list for health.

  8. alums?  

    if you count CU alums, there are surely many on these lists. I know robert AM stern (in architecture) is one.

  9. speaking of influential columbians...  

    why hasn't the glen hubbard music video been bwogged!?

  10. JCH  

    Can we also include Phillip Seymour Hoffman--adjunct at A&S--and James Schamus--film prof? George Steel also listed as exec director of the Miller Theater,

    Noticeably absent from the list: Bernard Tschumi, architectural genius (?) behind Lerner Hall and director of Columbia's school of artchitecture

  11. list

    there are a surprising number of columbia names across the disciplines, actually. its great

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