Bitter Economist Feels the Sting

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We knew the School of the Arts kids are talented. We’d pin the SIPA kids for some serious clowning around if they were drunk enough. But who would ever… ever… suspect the semester’s best student production would come out of the Business School.

But when B-School Dean Hubbard gets passed over as Fed Chair by Bernanke, the Follies Student Comedy Review gets a little inspiration from the Police and lets their voices be heard.

Word is the video played a significant part in Bruce Preston’s Intermediate Macro review session.

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  1. dz  

    and Sunil Gulati's Principles review session as well...

  2. Shira  

    Isn't this, like, remarkably old news?

  3. eh  

    not to those of us who aren't in econ.

  4. Ana  

    and Gulati's Global Economy review session. He also mentioned that it was played at some dinner at the B-School, and that it got a standing ovation from Dean Hubbard. *And* that he had gotten his hands on it from a friend at the Fed in DC who said that even Bernanke has seen it...

  5. Tim  

    Is it really Hubbard?

  6. also  

    on CNN, in the NY Times, and on several blogs around April 27-28. So yes, it's old news

  7. what is wrong with all of you?  

    it doesn't matter if its old news, as long as its FUNNY..lighten up Columbia and just have a laugh

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