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  1. is the current  

    the best publication at columbia? I like it a lot. too bad it needs to be ethnoreligiously affiliated.

  2. Want to Get Naked  

    i want to go to a naked party.

  3. dz  

    admit it, you just miss the Spec.

  4. they  

    also get funding from outside sources. and serious magazine style journalism doesn't have a place on the campus except the occasional non-snarky piece that slips by the B&W's censors.

    Apparently there's going to be a weekly Spec Mag to properly fill the niche starting next year.

  5. roth book review--  

    i don't know why bwog didn't link to dena roth's fukuyama book review--it rocks.

  6. nice  

    Bari Weiss has a pretty superb opening editorial on SHOCC and free speech implications, zeroing in on the latent issue of their too-broad definition of "hate crime." (Btw, too bad the article's riddled with typos -- must have been rushed to publication before the end of the semester.)

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