1. I think  

    This was in a quickspec a while back. Though told by the New Yorker, the story is much funnier. Also, they make Francis and Nick seem like big scary guys with a mohawk and a goatee, but they are not at all.

  2. psh  

    they're totally scary guys

  3. Don't spill the beans

    The story's meant to be sold not told.

  4. CUE  

    I'd just like everyone to notice my shout-out in the article, too. w00t

  5. go spec  

    w00t. w00t i say.

  6. bad stuff  

    the piece made it out to be a con when really it resembled more of a mugging--the guy was ripped.

    the writer was angry he didn't get into columbia and wants to pretend we're farmer hicks.

  7. How?  

    Because we have mohawks and goatees and get text messages from our mothers?

  8. hmm  

    with all the discussion the Russell Rickford item about vaguely racist statements, it's kinda interesting that the spec refers to these two as "homeless looking" in the second paragraph.

  9. hmm x 2  

    The fact that it's in quotes probably means they heard a similar description from different people. But then, it is the Spec...

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