Columbia Makes Top Ten List!

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In animal cruelty, actually. The eminently reasonable, not-shrill-at-all People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has ranked the Worst 10 College Laboratories, and Columbia comes in 10th, behind places like Harvard and Johns Hopkins (well, we beat Yale). At least the Columbia monkeys have people on their side, (watch out for the ominous voice of Alec Baldwin as you enter the site) which is more than can be said for animals languishing in cages at the other nine schools.

Thanks to California Bwog reader Anna Couturier, CC ’10 (!), for the tip.

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  1. you mean...  

    People Eating Tasty Animals? Cuz I'm all for that...

    except when those animals are monkeys, cuz that shit's not cool. At all. I mean, we're just a few rungs up on the evolutionary ladder from them — they really shouldn't be used for all this horrible experimentation.

    • monkey  

      I hate when people complain about columbia's testing on animals. Yeah, they do some horrible stuff to them. Do you know why? They are figuring out these silly things like how to SAVE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HEART ATTACKS!!! So when your beloved relative has a heart attack and the hospital does some awesome move to save his or her life so you can spend another 20 years with them, thank the monkeys.

  2. M.R.  

    They were handing out flyers at the 116th gate this afternoon. "3 things you need to know about Columbia." I took one look at it and responded "1 Thing you Need to Know about Columbia which you obviously didn't know since you printed it wrong anyway: David Stern isn't the chairman of the trustees anymore." Idiots.

  3. Oh NOOO  

    CC '10????


  4. NM

    there's a nellie mckay song about animal cruelty at columbia, it's called "columbia is bleeding."

  5. ewey

    NO TO CC'10. doublt digits isn't cool and neither is me graduating

  6. M.R.  

    on second thought, the nerve of a pre-frosh! kids these day... they need to learn a little insitution humility and show some proper respect and awe. yeesh

    • Anna

      entitled punk. I'm singular.

      Oh and definitely don't get me wrong... I've got the respect and awe. Moreover, the fact that I am sitting on the other side of the country actually checking a blog of Columbia should be evidence of it. And hey! if you see me (or someone like me) around campus before you graduate, feel free to poke fun and intimidate. It's all part of the early college experience. I embrace it.

      • M.R.  

        Touche Ms. Couturier.

        I was, however, speaking in the 2nd person plural, collectively referring to symptoms of pre-froshness: Naivety, Entitlement, and a general sense of smug know-it-all-ness.

        Neverhteless you've acquitted yourself admirably. So far.

  7. disgruntled  

    ummmm no people who arent even in the damn school yet should not be posting

  8. R!ck

    Props to Anna for finding this. :)

    -another 2010er

  9. From Louisiana  

    I see Tulane is #5 for letting animals drown during Katrina. They should be ashamed.

  10. ew  

    The picture of drowned mice scarred me for life.

  11. don't worry  

    i think most people got the sarcasm..even the used teh device to show they feel the same way you do ("eminently reasonable, not-shrill-at-all")

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