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Anton Glamb, that perpetual headliner of campus concerts, has made one of the trippiest music videos Bwog has seen in quite a while. In the words of bemused tipster Alex Kudroff, the film features “sweat (I think), gold boots, dark spaces, and words I can’t understand with love fairies or something.”

Not to be missed. Find it here.

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  1. wow  

    that was the most incomprehensible thing ever.

  2. wow2  

    i love the random columbia people who are featured in this dan kessler for example.

  3. hmm  

    does he really talk like that?

  4. booo  

    how come i can't see the video. what's wrong with my computer? tech help, pls?

  5. anton love!  

    anton glamb is my hero.

    and in response to #3- yeah, he does actually talk like that, haha

  6. Erf  

    That was totally sweet. Freaking crazy, I love it.

    booo: Do you have Quicktime? (Or a suitable replacement, like Quicktime Alternative?)

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