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Columbia Security is reporting that EC-resident Richard Ng has been missing since Sunday. Security is interviewing students in EC today but anyone with information on Richard’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact Campus Security: (212) 854-5555 or 99 on a ROLM phone.

Full flyer after the jump.

Columbia University
Department of Public Safety


The photo displayed below, is that of a student who has been reported missing since Sunday, May 7, 2006. He was last seen exiting East Campus at about 10 p.m.

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of this student, please contact the Public Safety Department at 212-854-2797.

Student information:

Richard Ng/ M/A/22yrs./5’5”/190 lbs/glasses/black hair/clean shaven. Last seen wearing dungarees, dark jacket, sneakers and a backpack.

Kenneth Finnegan
Director, Investigations & Technology

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  1. For more info

    Check for continuing developments.

  2. too bad  

    the spec website doesn't tell you any more than this post does

  3. actually  

    this post says MORE than the spec article. Good job bwog.

  4. speccie  

    whoever keeps submitting shameless plugs (be you staff or otherwise), don't. bwog did a fine job on this, and it looks petty to be posting our link here. people are smart enough to figure out where the spectator web site is.

  5. concerned citizen  

    the plug is particularly insensitive given the content of this post.

  6. Question  

    Is this guy really "missing"? Sometimes college students don't tell anyone where they're going. I know that I was missing from my room from saturday afternoon till last night, going from one library to another.

  7. Stephen  

    Professors may have noticed that he missed his finals?

  8. obviously  

    he's not on campus. they've been blitzing his photo all over the place. they'd have found him by now- no?

  9. confused  

    dungarees? why would anyone use "dungarees" instead of jeans?

  10. ignorant person  

    how do you pronounce his last name?

  11. well

    have they checked his cubmail, computer, websites, myspace, etc?

  12. hmmm  

    Well here's the weird thing. He's on Facebook but he's not listed in the Columbia directory or LionLink. That's slightly strange, no?

  13. no that isn't  

    all you foolhardy detectives. some people are not listed on lionlink. Also, if someone (his family or friends) posted a missing persons report, he is missing. For example, person who was library-hopping for four days, your parents probably know where you are (in school) ; your friends probably where yuo are (studying)...therefore, you, as a fanatic finals-studyer, are not a 'missing person'. But Richard is. Let's hope he's okay.

  14. Is it true  

    I heard someone tried to jump off of the Mudd building last week.

  15. WPIX

    Last week on the WB, they were talking about some girl that jumped off of barnard hall, only to survive and wind up on a teen drama.

  16. Stephen  

    I hope he's ok. The kid was graduating this year and has a lot of life to look forward to.

  17. man....

    Man, I hope this kid is ok. Four days is a long time. Hope nothing serious happened.

  18. agent smith  

    Have airlines been contacted? His credit card company? His phone company?

    yes, any half-way competent detective would have thought of these, but i'm suggesting them just in case.

    I emailed the security office and got no response.

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