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Bwog decided to forgo packing up a messy dorm room for a cloudy voyage to City Island. Floating in the foggy Long Island Sound but technically a part of the Bronx, it’s the closest thing New York City has to a fishing village; complete with yacht clubs, fried fish stands, and nautically-themed lawn ornaments.


city island, ny 

If you’re craving the quiet New England town-life, take the 6 train to the last stop on the line and hop on an eastbound Bx29.

Or to get the full Bronx experience, take the D train to Fordam Rd, walk several blocks east to Little Italy in the Belmont neighborhood where markets and mobsters abound. From there, take the Bx12 at Fordam to the Bx29. It’s just like Cape Cod!

On second thought, maybe not:


city island, ny 

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  1. Almost  

    lived there, but decided to cheap out. Gorgeous.

  2. CUST  

    You should have consulted the sailing team. I'm just saying we spend a lot of our lives there. We can point you to City Island Deli or Lickety Split and tell you to avoid the Dunkin Donuts at all costs- they have ants in everything. But I'm glad someone others at Columbia are experiencing the magic of CI.

  3. sailor  

    I've walked the length of City Island wearing sailing gear. Let me just say that City Island is a crazy place. It feels like suburbia looking at it, but is just a very confused part of New York City.

    I'll never really understand the place, but i love it!

  4. Katie  

    I'd like to share a true story about a shirt seen on City Island:




    City Island

  5. CUST alumni

    I'd say though that as much as I love City Island, there is no better place to be then in a 14ft sailboat right off of the coast of city island, watching the sunset over the Big Apple!!

  6. da Marek  

    Yeah, City Island is an awesome place. Not to forget the pearl of the LI sound, Johnny's Pier, at the very tip of the island. Increadible fried seafood and pina~ coladas

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