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  1. you probably think this song is about you  

    this is a little much even for you, dear bwog.

    settle down.


    loving fan.

  2. J Train  

    I don't see what Kai Zhang does as "cool." Actually, some of what she does -moving roadblocks or walking through subway tunnels - is criminal and downright stupid, as in you-could-easily-be-killed stupid. Or, in the case of the roadblocks, she could have killed a motorist. It's a shame Ivy League students have so little common sense or respect for others.

  3. J Train  

    Actually, the online Blue & White doesn't have the same text the print version does, so my previous comment might not make any sense. Print version had a lot more about Kai Zhang - her second date involved repositioning roadblocks, then running into the subway and walking through the tunnels because there wasn't any train. Why was all that removed?

  4. terribly shy  

    i'm a barnard girl who wants to join bwog/b&w next semester. how does one do this?

  5. it's super easy  

    Come to our opening meeting of the semester to see what we're all about, or if you'd like to write something for our orientation issue, e-mail the editors ( with a pitch. We'd love to have you!

    --Bwog staffer

  6. moph  

    what'd really be meta is a quickquickbw

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