Mark Zuckerberg—Look What You Have Wrought!

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facebook_fascistsThe folks at Northeastern University have blown a fuse somewhere. When students from their incoming class attempt to sign up for a University-provided email account during Orientation, they will have to complete a “ Tutorial.”

Powerpoint presentation cooked up by the admins sez:

“The facebook provides excellent opportunities for students to connect with their peers and it provides a venue with which student groups may advertise events and thus heighten levels of student involvement. However, students must also be made aware of the risks associated with being a member. Through open dialogue and discussion, students can learn not only about the facebook and the many options it provides, but they can also learn how to safely utilize the website. They will also leave with a greater knowledge of college policy as it relates to internet use.”

Bwog dreams of a day when Dean Quigley shares with us the finer points of poking.

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  1. M.R.

    SHOCC should have facebook incorporate mandatory anti-oppression training on sign-up.

  2. new yorker  

    has a nice piece on mark in this weeks' issue. can't find the link, sorry.

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