The Orange Revolution

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Details are in on the CC Class Day McCain protest and things are looking peachy. Well, orangey?

An email from protest organizers says “orange at Class Day signif[ies] our opposition to McCain’s policies and support for equality, women’s rights, and peace, among other values.”

Official protests run from wearing orange buttons to “an orange demonstration,” possibly involving umbrellas. A few hardcore parents might be showing up in the Tropicana color as well.

Now, orange can symbolize a lot of things (as well as clash terribly with Columbia’s light blue), but it is most recently associated with Ukraine’s presidential turnover.

We’re sure McCain would have been with Yanukovych all the way.

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  1. Regardless of how we  

    feel about McCain, why are we protesting him with Princeton's colors? Somewhere, Hamilton is crying.

  2. um...  

    probably because it stands out against blue.

  3. I don't mind

    Just as long as they don't use orange sashes.

  4. Hey Bwog!  

    Hey Bwog, you should post Reggie Gossett's and Hector Chavez's Bac service speeches from yesterday. I bet a bunch of people would find them of interest.

  5. do  

    people have copies of those speeches?? as a non-senior, i would really like to read them as well!

  6. ditto  

    yeah bwog! can we please have those speeches? make it happen!

  7. of course  

    don't forget, it's also the color of hindu fundamentalism. ukraine's no monopoly

  8. what about

    the fact that it's the color of militant protestant unionism in northern ireland. huzzah, another controversial conflict implicated in this mess.

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