Those clouds look awfully heavy…

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Class day has transformed the South Lawn into some kind of mass graduation arena! Just in case you’re not in Morningside Heights this week, see what your campus has become…



Bring an umbrella and look for wet powder-blue robes. Forecast calls for intermittent showers tomorrow.





And even if it doesn’t rain, you still might be swimming through a sea of chairs [groan].

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  1. Curious

    Would Bwog consider stating its intentions as regards posting over the summer? Are you following a set schedule, e.g. 1 post per diem, or (heaven forfend!) something less frequent? Do you have remote posters who will gossip about anything, or are you down to a skeleton staff covering the much limited campus gossip?

    • bwog  

      We will officially address this matter with a post in the next few days...but in short, we're going to have a few Bwoggers on campus over the summer, so we hope to post from time to time... and some off-campus folks may post events/trends not so closely tied to Columbia.

  2. hmm  

    isn't wet powder slush?

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