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Promoters for Mad Money, Jim Cramer’s CNBC money talk show, are giving away squishy little baby-blue bulls by the Broadway gates. Now you can squeeze your own little stress bull while watching your cell phone’s stock ticker.

Also, Bwog thinks they go perfectly with a Columbia graduation gown…

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  1. Boo Yeah

    Too bad the university didn't announce a thing regarding ticket distribution. I would've loved to attend and kept clinging to the hope that bwog would post something (as it taped at Havemeyer earlier today). Alas, I'll watch it like the rest of us at 6.

  2. amazing.

    Jesus. Everyone should be watching this right now.

  3. actually

    there were flyers all over Uris two weeks ago about this, and I even got an e-mail somewhere (I'm in CC). now you know where to look next time.

  4. spotted in subway  

    I saw this really weird character with what looked like fake cnbc tattoos all over his face getting on the 2/3 at 96th. risking having some bizarre person go crazy on me, i asked what was up with his face and lo and behold... working for MAD MONEY up at the Columbia campus.

    Show biz pawns will do the darndest things!

  5. shira

    I think there was a giant poster up at the entrance of uris for several weeks, too.

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