1. umm

    hey bwog, why don't you recognize barnard's existence in your event calendar... we have a class day too. do you think your readers are just cc/seas? you even have two bc seniors in senior wisdom, but you don't include graduation details?

  2. because  

    Barnard is not Columbia. Get it?

  3. moph  

    yes, yes it is. shush, meany.

  4. McCain  

    is giving the same speech he gave at Liberty! Google it!

  5. so  

    so what? University commencements are pretty standard.

  6. McFister

    To the girl who said "I worked too damn hard for this" and then grabbed the mike and repeated her name after it was grossly mispronounced - you rule!

  7. something something memorial award

    i love you reggie!

  8. The Observer

    Whoa. Lots of Asian reporters at the SEAS thing.

  9. The Guardian

    seas valedictorian is giving a 9/11 speech. oh boy. and he's quoting the talmud. oh boy again.

  10. The Columbia Daily Speculator

    Whoa. Lots of Asians in SEAS.

  11. whack  

    what a whack CC salutatorian speech. john jay rules.

  12. wack

    i think 'whack' is a lot cooler without the 'h' but either way that girl really sucked. it reminded me of high school graduation speeches but longer and more shrill

  13. Stephen  

    SEAS valedictorian speech was HORRENDOUS. That was the kind of speech I expected from a middle schooler... and the references to brave new world, I got the impression he never read Huxley.

    • t.r.  

      Yeah, but if he's valedictorian of SEAS the guy's got to more than make up for his awful speech writing and speaking skills in engineering skills. We won't be complaining when he designs the cell phones and computer chips whose inner workings no one in CC remotely understands. I'm calling it even with that guy.

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