We’re not in Lynchburg anymore, Johnny

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Gothamist is reporting that lefty New School students are doing a much better job protesting John McCain in his last commencement stop of the year than we did. Where was Columbia’s 1,000-signature petition?

They even care about it in India!

And no, that’s not the ceremony. Bwog is just still confused by the orange theme.

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  1. Former New Schooler

    It's because they don't have to worry about things like final exams like we do.

  2. i'm a conservative

    but i have to say, it's pretty stupid that either columbia or the new school chose a speaker who so many of their students dislike.

    i think the lesson is in future years not to pick a polarizing political speaker, or even any politician at all. except perhaps if the speaker were a foreign politician (ie, not involved in the liberal-conservative divide).

  3. well...

    they didn't have to protest in the rain

  4. goddamn new school

    check out its history. it's basically a refugee colony for frustrated columbia academics.

  5. polarizing?

    who would not be a polarizing figure on columbia's campus? there can't be a protest or debate here without sides retrenching into ideological fiefdoms and hurling shrill asinine soundbites at one another.

    when seen from a national perspective, mccain is one of the least objectionable politicians possible. certainly the least objectionable republican. if the above poster is suggesting that one would have to be further to the left to prove onself a less polarizing figure at columbia, he or she is automatically prejudicing the choice of class day speaker in favor of one ideological perspective, and presuming, what's more, that minority viewpoints ought not be represented on class day, that they should defer to the leanings of the left of center campus majority. poppycockery!

  6. re: polarizing

    i was thrilled that we got mccain to come to speak, but he's absolutely NOT "the least objectionable republican." he's vastly to the right on many of the social issues; he's just not afraid of the bushies, and so he has street cred. i thought the protest was useful, in pushing people to consider his beliefs further...

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