Columbia seniors preen, Lie

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New York Magazine has been collecting a little senior wisdom of its own, polling 100 of this year’s grads on issues ranging from the great books to Hillary’s judgment of our generation. Bwog is skeptical of some of the responses: 28% of you expect to make over a quarter million a year in a decade? 27% don’t have a facebook, MySpace, or blog? And 11% engage in emotion-free casual sex as a favorite form of instant gratification? Come on, y’all. Be real now.

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  1. greatest?

    of the great books?

    "The Da Vinci Code"


    dude, angels and demons all the way.

  2. god, bwog

    are you saying 11% seems too low or too high?

  3. I know they only polled 100 students but..

    does half of the school really have a 3.7-4.0 gpa?

  4. Erf

    Half the people they interviewed may have. Perhaps they interviewed only CC students, or perhaps the students who responded were more likely to be the high-achiever type.

    Beware of sample bias.

    • well,  

      They were asking anyone walking through the 116th and Amsterdam gates wearing or holding a cap and gown to take the survey. This was an hour or so after the university commencement and most people were with friends or family and had things to do at this time. I suppose only those without friends and family to entertain or anything better to do stopped to take the survey, and probably did so flippantly.

  5. eh

    since 90% of columbia wants to be investment bankers, that quarter million figure might be accurate

  6. hmm

    Does it mean 1/4 million total in the decade or eventually end up at 1/4 million per year at the end of a decade? Because in a decade 1/4 million isn't that much. 250,000--25,000 a year?

  7. this school...

    one post about sex, six about money...

  8. pff

    Da Vinci Code isn't even well written.

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