The Canon, Version 2.0

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If they haven’t already, Generation ’10 will soon recieve a slick new copy of the Iliad, courtesy of some alumni class from the last fifty years. Unless they decide to buck tradition, its cover will feature a lovely classical painting now hanging in L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Slate, however, has proposed the alternative shown at right, which Bwog thinks would constitute a vast improvement.

Core reform? Nah—we just need new cover art to make old favorites new again!

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  1. saw this before

    the good old pulp fiction covers. Great covers (that emulate a great style) but the thing that irks me a little is the lewis carroll on drugs suggestion. There's no evidence at all for that despite the popular myth and it minimizes how great he really was.

  2. Did you rip off that idea

    from BoingBoing?

  3. J Train

    Didn't ours have a sculpture, not a painting?

  4. actually

    we just need better translations

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