We’re Sure This Is Just A Coincidence

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Bwog, which rejects value judgments of all kinds, was nevertheless amused to catch sight of a man selling water for $1 in Union Square. Wearing a Columbia T-shirt.

Don’t say Columbia Career Services never gave you anything…

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  1. He looks old

    That's one way for those GS students to make up for their lack of financial aid

  2. ha!

    He only went through CCE? He must have failed his investment banking interviews.

  3. Hot Dog Vendor @ Shea // GS Student

    If he's in GS, he wouldn't have had access to CCE.


  4. Tony Yayo

    He must be an english major.

  5. jerk

    Perhaps a good reason not to donate Columbia-branded clothing. You never know who'll end up wearing it.

  6. Cambridge Crimson

    Not sure I see what the big deal is. In Boston, everyone and their mother, brother, and sister has the $5 Harvard shirt (or $10 sweat). You can't find knock-off Columbia junk anywhere?

  7. reddy

    There's actually knock off Columbia stuff (8 bucks) at Steve and Barry's this new chain that sells tons of knock off college stuff. There's one in the 33rd street subway (manhattan mall?).

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