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Have Princeton and Cornell caught NYU-itis? A study published in this month’s issue of Pediatrics found that 17% of students in a random web-based survey of 2,875 students at those two schools have purposely injured themselves in one way or another. This scares Bwog shitless. What is it about Ithaca and suburban New Jersey that moves these kids to mutilate their youthful and well-educated exteriors? Oh wait…

Fortunately, Go Ask Alice! is looking out for Columbia students.

In other, completely unrelated news: prep school girls subvert the dominant paradigm, and the Columbia Admissions office employs the vernacular (check the photo caption).

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  1. I'm not surprised.

    It's shocking how many people, if you actually ask them, will admit to self-mutilation. Otherwise they tend to keep it to themselves.

  2. how?

    what i want to know is, who found themselves searching the columbia site photo captions for the "prezbo" ? in the middle of summer?

  3. Gadfly

    Look at spec's icky new layout, and then read the poll results about it:


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