1. Mr. Bureaucrat

    That's what happens when CCE outsources our future to Monster.com... not that any of us should be surprised.

  2. i'm sorry

    you privileged rich kids are too good to work. have fun summering abroad!!

  3. McMmmm

    Franchising Mickey D's would make for a posh living.

  4. John

    Summer covereage... beautiful. Good work, people.

  5. image

    Columbia really needs to make sure its image doesn't become watered down with all this outsourcing. Already it seems the Spec website is at risk of looking like that of a cheap, commercialized college newspaper.

  6. still

    Some things should be outsourced. For example, we should be using Blackboard, not fcking CourseWorks.

  7. spec

    The current Spec website is not what the final version will look like.

  8. Erf

    More succinct than a sucked sink.

  9. M.R.

    In case you're wondering what the hell's being referred to...

    CourseWorks is a columbia customization of an open source system called Prometheus. Word is Columbia is going to transition to the Sakai system which was started at UMich and Indiana, with MIT and Stanford joining in. http://sakaiproject.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=103&Itemid=208

    A lot of schools use Blackboard (to serve the same purpose. http://www.blackboard.com/us/index.aspx

  10. ****twitch, spasm****

    nerd attack!

  11. Prometheus Fanatic

    What's wrong with CourseWorks?

  12. you are all  

    elitist bastards

  13. MPA 2007

    We saw this at our MPA ESP orientation in May. The career dev folks had the page projected and one incoming student raised a hand and said, "Sooo, are those the sorts of jobs we'll be eligble for?"

  14. umm

    I've used both and I like Courseworks much better than Blackboard. Am I alone?

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