1. eugh

    the front page is all messed up, and they need to get rid of that cheesy, childish "collegepublisher" ticker up top. an independent newspaper deserves a truly independent website.

  2. R!ck

    Oh nooo, what happened to the beloved Georgia font? :(

  3. settle down

    it's definitely a work in progress. spec's web publisher has changed and so everything's being shifted. it should be much better by the end of the summer.

  4. yea  

    college publisher is what every school uses and frankly it sucks. not to mention the new site has like a billion adds. it looks like a yahoo homepage circe 1998.

  5. yeah

    it's not a redesign, it's a technical glitch. don't worry.

  6. s m

    please pardon our site's appearance during the first few weeks after 6/7's disastrous switch to CP, the company which has subsumed NDG. send me your feedback, and don't worry, I want that Georgia font back more than anyone.

    also, if you know anyone who wants to engineer a fully-functional newspaper website with a CMS backend for very little pay in a city where doing that exact task can be very lucrative, put that person in touch with spec.

  7. to the editor

    If it's like all the other CP sites, we'll have to register to get beyond one page of text, and that would utterly suck, especially when viewing from public terminals.

  8. stupid spec

    get rid of it and college publisher NOW while it's summer and no one notices

  9. to the editor

    Yes. Please. This looks awful. And I personally know and don't like the people that run CP out of Boston. Just stop this little project now before you get in over your little heads.

  10. why

    do other college newspapers have better sites and/or deeper archives?

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