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Last August, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) set off a media shit storm by suggesting that NYPD officers use race as a criterion for “random” bag searches. After being slapped down by the good servicemembers themselves, Hikind is back at it, introducing a bill on Thursday that would permit police officers to arrest people for looking Middle Eastern (as long as race is not the “sole criterion.”)

OK, politicians pushing racial profiling, not surprising. But scroll down: the justification cites Grutter v. Bollinger, in which the court ruled consideration of race admissible in the case of “compelling government interest.”

Somewhere, in a beaux-arts brownstone on Morningside Drive, a shaggy haired man named Lee is crying.

Thanks to Bwog correspondent J.J.V. Neun for the tip.

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  1. floretbroccoli  

    Dov, not Don.

  2. No, Bwog, No!

    Wouldn't the giant circle-with-a-c watermark imply that the photo used in this post is under copyright?

  3. ahem

    not to get off-topic, but the blue and white seriously needs an architectural editor. beaux arts? it's neo-georgian. brownstone? it's neither composed of the brown stones which definitionally characterize such dwellings nor fits the typical profile of one in new yorkers' collective lexicon: a narrow rowhouse.

    back on topic, misconstruing the characteristics of bollinger's house is a lot like searching his bag on the subway- because he looks middle eastern.

  4. Charles McKim

    Love the book, Andrew. Really, I do. What will it take to get you to instruct an undergrad course?


    Charlie "Charles" McKim

    McKim, Mead, and White

  5. Eva

    hey BWOG ... how about covering some of the world cup madness in nyc? it's pretty much the only american city that even cares. look to the http://worldcup.blogs.nytimes.com/?p=173#more-173 for some beautiful examples of what BWOG could be doing (look at the photos)

    • dear eva

      it's not just new york. come to framingham, ma for instance...the town center is filled with brazilian soccer fanatics!

      in other words, let's not get caught up in new york provincialism. the US spanish networks are broadcasting the "copa mundial" 24/7, and most of the nation's hispanics (believe it or not!) live outside new york.

      • Eva

        Haha, indeed, and I know it's true -- I'm watching Univision from San Diego, and our time zones are such that the first game is at 6am.... But I just don't see the fanaticism I'm hearing about in NYC. Maybe that's cuz this city just doesn't have the soccer blood pumping. (P.S., if you like the hispanic stations and their puns, watch the Italy-Ghana game... "Italia Ghana... jajaja...")

  6. support the team and the policy but mostly the team

    I can see it now. This fall: Bwogging the 2006 soon to be 0-10 Columbia Football Lions. Make it happen, Bwog!

  7. where's the  

    free food? Help, Bwog! Its Alumni weekend!

  8. Hrmm

    I hear silver spoons aren't even good enough for the alumni weekend functions. They only accept genuine gold.

  9. no kidding

    i'm trying to figure out a way to sneak in a 2-3 hr lunch from my campus job tommorow to catch the US game..does the bwog have any suggestions where we could catch it on campus? (I know that new engineering building has tv's)

    • people

      are seriously fans of the US team?

      hint: it won't be the game to skip work for.

      • Sunil K. Gulati

        Go ahead and support the home team, kids.

      • you really must not know

        much about soccer then..or you just still wrongly consider any team out of europe a joke..lets look at monday's games:

        japan vs australia:

        a reasonably competitive match between a team which surprised last world cup but hasn't looked that great in friendlies and qualifying this year and a team which has finally qualified after 30 yrs and is anchored by two decent liverpool players

        italy vs ghana

        an underperforming italian team w/a superstar striker who doesn't show up for the big international scene vs a surprise african team who outside of essien basically fields a bunch of role players from serie A (all of this out of a very underwhelming african field this time around)

        The Czechs vs the US

        #2 vs #5 in the world according to fifa's incredibly flawed rankings

        still, the czechs, even with injury field largely the same team which was a semifinalist in the 2004 euro competition, finished over romania and finland in qualifying and which fields a squad that includes nedved, cech, rosicky, poborsky, galasek and when healthy baros

        The US finished as the top team in concacaf and has enough depth in the defense to match up with nearly anyone, and over qualifying and the last world cup (where they outplayed germany and were robbed of a tying goal) proved they could score too--one could reasonably make an argument the US was shafted one of the top 8 #1 seeds in favor of mexico

  10. M.R.

    Aren't Panino Sportivo's TV tuned into Soccer? You could probably catch some games there

  11. DHI

    Look, as great as the world cup is in spirit soccer is just not that great to watch. I mean, there's regular season baseball, and basketball finals. I know most of you "kids" are "too" "good" to watch "normal American professional sports" because you "think commercialism ruins it or some dumb shit", and soccer is good because kids can play it pretty easy, I'll be happy if the US wins, but all this running and kicking, it don't amount to much.

  12. agree to some extent  

    basketball and baseball is good right now..though the steroids/hgh thing could ruin the latter--but it shouldn't stand in the way of appreciating good exciting soccer..where else can you have colonizer-colonized matchups or ever have a 2 hr party between folks from sweden and trinidad & tobago

    on a related note, everybody's favorite econ prof got a mention in this soccernet article http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story?id=370774&root=worldcup&cc=5901

  13. what a  

    depressing 2 hour lunch

  14. most of  

    the restaurants and bars around campus were either full or nearly full for the US game guaging from panino sportivo, amcaf and oconnolls

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