1. dear raza

    do you, like, search google news for "facebook" every day? you seem to have the scoop every time something about it comes up.

  2. RP

    well, someone sent me this link and I thought it might be bwog-worthy. As for the other things, it was kind of hard to miss the "Your account has been disabled" banner when I tried to log into my joke accounts.

  3. umm

    don't you people read the NYT? It's the number one most emailed link right now...

  4. eek

    Okay, that is terrifying. Not surprising, but terrifying. Off to edit my Facebook and MySpace I go...

  5. Wow

    This is news? How Not To Be An Idiot 101?

  6. Seriously...  

    ...just change your privacy settings.

  7. or don't use

    facebook at all...i'm willing to bet at least a quarter of college students don't--at least at columbia

  8. yea  

    i used to use facebook. but since they've become the man, i'm getting nervous. also there is a car with french, or at least european plates parked in front of wkcr or at least was like 2 hours ago. it certainly made me stop and look.

  9. are you talking about

    this europhilic car with german plates that seems to lurk around the neighborhood?


    • no  

      I was talking about a car with only European plates. The main plate area was European width. It was a white one on the front and a yellow plate on the back. I'll check to see if it is still in front of WKCR.

  10. DHI

    Does this tie in at all to the "legitimizing up" of facebook recently (with the deletions of joke accounts)? What I worry about is that they won't be able to tell between ironic statements and what they consider to be actual descriptions of behavior, especially as non-facebook users. But whatever.

    The larger point is, prepare for an increase in dicksuckingly engineered-for-profit facebook accounts. If the use of facebook as a screening tool proliferates it could actually destroy facebook's original use, through privacy settings, sterilization, and decreased usage. Of course, this in turn would cause it to be less effective as a screening tool. Maybe you could get one of those "cycles" going.

  11. Stephen

    I can't believe interns that are asked to do the checks are selling out their fellow classmates. That's low.

  12. not really  

    its a legitimate way to guage character...

    and don't tell me bs about sellouts who check it out..every student who goes to columbia and then applies for the high paying job is a bs artist who's an overachiever who's taken five kaplan courses on how to claim their only flaw is they're a 'work-a-holic' at an interview

    • legitimate?

      How can you judge character by this?

      Oh no, Person X has a picture of him in a debaucherous situation! That must mean he exercises bad judgement, and of course the other candidates don't do this!"

  13. not suprising  

    a good lawyer can work wonders.

    what douchebags.

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