Dispatch from the Land of Lederhosen

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Bwog correspondant Lucie Kroening describes football festivities in Sudetenland in the first of a summer series of dispatches from around the world.

Overheard on the loudspeaker at the World of Football complex in front of the Reichstag (also live on the radio):
German commentator (in English, with slight accent): Today the USA is playing against the Czech Republic…(mockingly) Where in the world is that? (followed by prolonged snickering)

USA vs. Czech, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Final score 0:3 (duh.)

A wonderful Freudian slip (this is translated):
The Army, I mean, Americans aren’t playing so badly! Sorry, that was a textbook Freudian slip.

How do you spot an American in Germany?
Try the kid in the Virginia Tech hat sitting on the steps of the Reichstag, eating JIF peanut butter out of the can with a spoon.

If you find yourself bored in a noteworthy location with internet access this summer, send your dispatch to [email protected] Include pictures.

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  1. John

    Don't worry...

    Once we attack the Czech Republic and level Prague, people will know where they are. But I'm not sure if anyone will ever think Berlin is in Sudetenland.

  2. Jakob

    Grüezi aus Zürich...and how the hell did you get seats?! I'm so neidisch!

  3. uhh

    How do you get "Amerikaner" from "Wehrmacht" or "Landwehr"?

  4. low quality  

    cup coverage (doesn't make sense and not funny)..togo almost beat south korea..and the swiss are playing the french to a stalemate right now..cmon bwog!

  5. Consider the following


    Also, this isn't a crappy post. Grow up, whiners.

  6. John

    This was inelegantly and hastily posted, as evidenced by an ironic factual error, troubled diction, and messy layout. However, Bwog shouldn't cover the Cup's play-by-play for you; this Deutschbag said some funny shit, and that's enough.

  7. no reason to be assholes

    for the record, the author did not include the sudeten land stuff...and if it's not funny, it's because it was hastily written from germany, where the author kindly took a minute out of her day to contribute to bwog...so much for sharing observations...

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