1. shira

    the one on the left is also in the john jay stairwell.

  2. Karl Marx

    A commodity is therefore a mysterious thing, simply because in it the social character of men’s labour appears to them as an objective character stamped upon the product of that labour; because the relation of the producers to the sum total of their own labour is presented to them as a social relation, existing not between themselves, but between the products of their labour. This is the reason why the products of labour become commodities, social things whose qualities are at the same time perceptible and imperceptible by the senses. In the same way the light from an object is perceived by us not as the subjective excitation of our optic nerve, but as the objective form of something outside the eye itself. But, in the act of seeing, there is at all events, an actual passage of light from one thing to another, from the external object to the eye. There is a physical relation between physical things. But it is different with commodities. There, the existence of the things quâ commodities, and the value relation between the products of labour which stamps them as commodities, have absolutely no connection with their physical properties and with the material relations arising therefrom. There it is a definite social relation between men, that assumes, in their eyes, the fantastic form of a relation between things. In order, therefore, to find an analogy, we must have recourse to the mist-enveloped regions of the religious world. In that world the productions of the human brain appear as independent beings endowed with life, and entering into relation both with one another and the human race. So it is in the world of commodities with the products of men’s hands. This I call the Fetishism which attaches itself to the products of labour, so soon as they are produced as commodities, and which is therefore inseparable from the production of commodities.

  3. bob

    they misspelled canvas. :(

  4. the center

    for broken thought appears to be expanding

    • Think so?  

      This reminds me of graffiti I'd seen elsewhere on campus-- and that weird "we want more orgasms or we won't ask before taking our lives back" banner that somebody posted in JJ around the beginning of the year.

      Time for a crazy awesome graffiti culture around here. That would spice things up.

    • um no  

      No, actually, this isn't broken-thoughty- the second message is signed with an anarchy sign. It's a brand of low-key, subliminal subversion. But it ain't broken thought.

  5. Oh!  

    I *just* got the subject line joke! Heh, that's clever.

  6. anna

    who is chang the unchangeable?

  7. center for

    broken thought sounds like an institution for the mentally challenged. Perhaps I'm not that far off.

  8. tergellian  

    found inside a stall of a girl's bathroom on the 3rd floor of pupin:

    Q: why did the cat fall off the roof?

    A: because his mu was too small!

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