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Bwog fan Olivia Gorvy reports from our nation’s capital, a humorous happening on the hill.

Yesterday was the official Seersucker Thursday on Capitol Hill, a tradition started seven years ago by Sir Trent Lott. Nineteen senators and various aides and interns donned seersucker suits to work. There was an even a huge ice cream social on the lawn in front of the Russell Senate building to celebrate the momentous occasion. Alas, this was quite the politcally correct fashion statement as dems & republicans alike showed off their summer stripes. When asked to comment on those politicians who did not take part in the fashion show, Lott responded that, “They’re either chicken or, more likely, they’re cheap”



  1. Erf

    What the heck is that link?

  2. link

    the link is to CQ Today (the congressional newsletter)-- columbia has a subscription to it

  3. Erf

    Ah, gotcha. It looks sketchy because it's a funny-looking URL that immediately requires a login.

  4. DHI

    Dispatch from DC: Nationals overcome a 7-run deficit to beat the Yankees 11-9.

  5. Bwog

    Three separate tips came into bwgossip about this item written up in gawker which mentions both seersucker and The Blue and White's own Avi Zenilman. Too meta to devote a whole post to, it's worth linking to anyway:


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