1. er...

    beyond the hype? what kind of theme is that? I mean, I realize that all these prefrosh have hyped columbia to themselves beyond belief, but there's no way nsop would intentionally give them a wakeup call. weird.

  2. huh?

    okay, seriously, I don't even know what that theme is supposed to mean...

  3. Ray

    I really hope that's only a booklet logo. It looks way too complicated to show up nicely on a t-shirt.

  4. how about

    Exposed: Beyond the Hype: Raw: Stripped Bare: Extreme Unadornedness, Biatch!!!!!

  5. Steve "is it in" Spielberg

    I was planning to film NSOP: XPOSED as soon I finished Buttler Sluts II: Stax Secrets. What a coincidence.

  6. hmm

    There's actually a coupon for free beer at Appletree on the inside.

  7. where?

    what building is that supposed to be??

    • kinda looks like  

      the Chrysler building.

      or at least a short, fat, japaneisy version of it.

      And I really, really hope "Exposed" means OLs will REALLY tell their groups what they think.

      In effect:

      "Hi, my name is Steve and I'm your OL, which means I have to spend several hours with you each day in exchange for early move-in. Here's the rules: 1. if you need a fake ID or pot, come talk to me; 2. if you're a hot freshmen, come talk to me. That's it, enjoy Columbia!"

  8. JCH  

    If this is any indication, it looks like the shirt is going to be black. Did nobody tell the NSOP committee that black shirts in August are a bad idea?

    • hmm

      since when do they give freshmen nsop shirts? bitches.

      • the NSOP crew

        wears Tshirts.

        This sounds like an NSOP program I wouldve planned.

        1. "This school sucks. If you're one of the 5 people in this class who turned down Harvard or Yale to come here, I hope you're a free ride facbrat, otherwise you just made the worst decision of your life."

        2. "Newsflash, we suckered you into coming here with visions of city life. Chances are most of you will never leave a 20 block radius of campus more than a few times a year."

        3. "That 'smallest ivy' crap they told you during the tour? Horsecrap. Columbia's a degree mill. We have more students than cornell. And you'll notice that cornell is physically about a bajillion times larger. Things are a little crowded down here. Also we didnt count SEAS. or Barnard, but we're not going to talk about that. They're busy lighting candles right now."

  9. "A valid name is required"  

    Black shirts in August are a bad idea, but so is writing on a chalkboard (BLACKboard) in black chalk.

  10. Me  

    Columbia isn't that bad. NSOP is just so bubbly that it can be hard to take if you aren't really the bubbly type. But OL'ing can be fun if you go into it with the right attitude.

  11. Seth Low's Steps

    Any word on the shit musical act they'll be signing this year?

  12. say word  

    nsop is such bullshit. I honestly hope the committee is not working their asses off for a program that no one goes to...dumb asses

  13. J Train

    Seriously, do most Columbia students never leave a 20-street radius? Lame. On average, I go beyond that five times a week. If people are too lazy to explore the city then that's their own problem, not Columbia's.

  14. homeless  

    Hey, they might plan stupid programs, but they get paid and free housing IN NEW YORK to do it.

  15. harvard and yale kids are idiots

    pretty much anyone who doesn't have the whole core thing is completely fucked in any academic argument. just start with a "well of course you know the cateogrical imperative? the panopticon? plato's discussion of forms? anyone? anyone?" and for those naysayers saying you don't know what you are talking about when you bring up those terms and are just a clever bullshit artist, i retort, maybe i am.

    speaking of the panopticon, the broadway dorm is designed as one. from the 4th floor hallway that borders 113th street one can watch the entire building.

  16. this is true  

    but then the argument does not hold that "anyone who doesnt have the whole core thing is fucked."

  17. idiots  

    $500 says that #28 is on the committee. no wonder nsop is so sorry--the whole committee has sticks up their asses. it's all about the housing and i can say that because i'm a crew chief. yes i don't give two shits about nsop and i'm a crew chief--you stupid bastards! lol

  18. idiots  

    guess i owe somebody $500. stupid, but not as stupid as the committee.

  19. SS

    How can the shirt be black if the log looks black (or at least dark). Then the logo wouldn't show up, so the shirt has to be a light color.

  20. omg

    most of you idiots and have sticks up your asses

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