…too good to be true?

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From Bwog tipster James Williams:

Take any typical black columbia email computer.
Hold down ctrl + alt + shift + g and right click on the mouse and you get Tetris.

Someone test this out and let Bwog know if it actually works! Post your high scores and your initials on this thread (or vulgar combinations of letters like at the arcade).



  1. Xavier  

    It works-- as I type this from the Schapiro lobby.

  2. re  

    xavier speaks the truth

  3. SS  

    It is "Xavier is speaking the truth," not "Xavier speaks the truth."

  4. the reason I have

    this funny accent is that I come from Barcelona--temporarily ruled by Spain.

    I think he was quoting Dr. Sala-i-Martin, whose smiley face ties brought Macro to new heights.

  5. SS  

    I am a she. And yes, I am quoting Dr. Xavier.

  6. SS  

    Professor Xavier pronounced Chab-e-ay.

  7. SS  

    Or probably Cha-be-ay is more accurate. Who/what is Professor X?

  8. It's

    The king of Iran, the second letter of the alphabet, and the first letter of the alphabet.


  9. um

    it's 'xavier speaks the truth' its just an expression! you need to get with it ss

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