Nothing Says “Down With The Bourgeoisie” Like Six-Dollar Marx Mugs

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Do you like socialism? How about scruffy-looking skinny boys in tight t-shirts with slogans denouncing genocide? Or women with really short haircuts? Then flock to Lerner, where the Center for Economic Research and Social Change and the International Socialist Organization are hosting the conference “Socialism 2006!” (build the left, fight the right).


he's pretty scruffy

Our beloved student center has exploded in body piercings and social justice as the conference takes over for three whole days! Programs and events stretch into Sunday evening; go and pick up a program for specifics on events such as “The Politics of Blame: Is Bill Cosby Right?” and “Are Prisons Necessary?” If you hurry, you can probably even catch the tail end of the “Party Without Borders: a Night of Beats, Rhymes and Resistance” and a guaranteed good time.


revolution comes cheap!

One highlight of the conference: Anarchist coffee mugs, on sale for $6 each at the Socialist bookshop set up in Lerner Party Space. That, and the sign requesting volunteers for the conference’s childcare center. Because, apparently, people bring their babies to socialism conferences, despite the fact that they are not welcome at the individual events. That would just be anarchy.

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  1. interesting workshops

    some of the topics sound appealing, but the thought of the joint children of the skinny boys/short haired girls makes me shudder

  2. the establishment

    doing what it does best; co-opting the impulse of these shaggy hippies to violently occupy our campus' otherwise sedate and serene buildings by offering them space for a tame conference in which to rant innocuously. brilliantly played, bollinger.

  3. This explains  

    all of the people with politically charged t-shirts at Tom's on Friday.

  4. yay

    red enamel fists! bitchin!

  5. Arrrgh!!!

    Make it stop! Mooooooom!!!!!

  6. Damn commies  

    got nothing better to do than bitch and moan. I bet none of them have ever had to live under socialism or communism.

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