Up for another Baker Blast?

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Columbia has just posted its alcohol policy and rules for “pre-game initiatives” at Baker.

And guess what? Free beer!*



*One cup per person per concession run, up to four concession runs permitted, only if you have two valid forms of ID [updated] with birthdate. You may only drink in specified areas during the game, one hour before gametime and one hour after.

Thanks to Rajeev M. A. Patel for the tip

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  1. Jack  

    Two forms of ID, both with birthdate? Okay, so my license, and my...passport?

  2. Jill

    Since I can't find my social security card, I'll have to bring my birth certificate? Fuck. I can't find that either. No beer for me. No football either!

    Columbia University: manufacturers of only the richest red tape since 1754.

  3. James

    Fine, fine! What about my Selective Service card?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Just FYI -- You need two valid IDs, one being a Columbia University ID, and another with your birthdate (such as License). No need for two IDs with birthdays on them as that is relatively uncommon.

    • Another Anonymous Coward

      The post specifically says "both" IDs must have birthdate. I have no idea who is right, but if anyone knows for sure, I would like to know... I, like the vast majority of people who would likely take advantage of this policy, have but one fake I.D.

  5. Reader Rabbit

    The actual press release says, "All patrons age 21 and over who wish to consume alcoholic beverages must receive a wristband at the picnic area entrance by presenting two valid forms of photo ID with birth date." I would assume that a Columbia ID with the white on red that you can only get once you're 21 would suffice, as it does at all other Columbia events. The real question, of course, is when someone's going to start up a fake CU ID business.

  6. Flash Access Now!

    What's a Columbia ID with the white on red that you can get only once you're 21? Details please.

    • Well, apparently...

      ...the story goes that once you turn 21, you get a different CUID. Look at the box under your picture that says 'STUDENT' in it. The text is red on a white background (unless you're 21...in that case, the box is filled in red and the 'STUDENT' text appears in white). Or so I'm told.

  7. I don't think so...

    Eh, I'm 20, and obtained my ID when I was 19. The text ("STUDENT") is white on a red background.

  8. wow

    thats, like, so interesting!!!

  9. white on red ID

    bonus fun fact: if you're dying to get a new ID but you want to avoid paying the $15 replacement fee, remember that you're entitled to a free replacement/white on red update when you're 21!

  10. clarification  

    two forms of id with birthday--it's badly written, but it should be (two forms of id) with birthdate, rather than two forms of (id with birthdate)

  11. I ordinarily don't post anonymously

    I've been to many Columbia-sponsored free booze events, including Bacchanal, and your fake plus your CUID is fine-- I didn't even have a red bar on my ID. I'm almost certain that they don't even have swiping machines at Baker. If they keep the same proctors as they have for other Uni events, this won't be a problem for anyone whose fake has their real name on it.

  12. writer of comments 20 & 21

    It seems I've started a trend (or should I say, trendm). Coolm!

  13. Under 21

    So what's the deal? Did Columbia make a mistake by issuing me a white on red at 19? Or am I just far cooler than the rest of you?

  14. press release reader

    Bwog regrets its incomplete reading of the press release. One ID with birthdate and a CU ID should work! Enjoy the free beer.

    - Sara

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