If a man’s gotta eat…

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Torrential rains in central Pennsylvania have forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. One intrepid Bwog correspondent reports from a river town in Bucks County, PA:

A family of tourists wander down the road onto Main Street, which is almost completely empty except for a few store owners loading their merchandise into moving trucks. The family walks into a store and is prompty shooed out by the owner.

Father: You’re closed?
Store owner: The whole town is closed. We’re trying to get ready for a natural disaster.
Father: Oh. So there aren’t any restaurants open?

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  1. great.  

    i guess some of the bwoggers are farkers

  2. delish

    i'm from miami and last summer when katrina started in (which, although at that time cat. 1, went on to destroy our roof and an entire wall of our house), my family and i were sitting in the only restaurant open at the time. it was a good dinner.

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