1. J Train

    Never fear - Columbia Pigeon's account is still there!

  2. are these

    extra-judicial killings?

  3. since when

    did facebook do Manhattanville's bidding?

  4. John Shekitka  

    Ok, folks the gig is up. St. Augustine lost his facebook account today, too and his is registered through the club's e-mail address augustine@columbia.edu.

    This is truly a sad say for facebook. I accuse them of selling out and becoming 'the man'.

  5. wow, that was weird

    So yeah, I missed the first word of that and just saw, "Prez Bo is dead," and was surprised there wasn't much more reporting on this huge news story.

    And then I saw the whole thing.

  6. i hear  

    that the really president bollinger died during C250 and that they have replaced him with a clone. the clues are everywhere. just play roar lion roar backward.

  7. Erf

    It's true! They sing "dead, prez bo, dead"

  8. World Cup

    Doesn't PrezBo look like Argentina's coach?

  9. weltmeisterschaft

    deutschland über alles!

  10. messi - crying for argentina

    let's not insult pekerman...omg, berlin was awesome. too bad the english lost their nerve. again.

  11. CCAR

    Oh, APOD, is this what it's come to?

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