1. Publius

    What's all this "John Shekitka" nonsense? The young man to whom you refer is most definitely named Rudy.

  2. fireflies  

    or high school students? all of those bratty, angsty teens are scurrying arund south lawn, not unlike the rats that call that turf home.

  3. people

    are closer to curing cancer than to making our asses glow like that when we're horny. I say that's a disgrace.

  4. Death  

    comes for everyman. Let's absorb it with the fireflies. They will gladly absorb us while they dance above our graves.

  5. impressed

    Best batch of comments in awhile.

  6. les bleus

    WHO CARES???

    France just made it to the World Cup finals and will face Italy--how bout some commentary, or is not a single bwogger willing to condescend to such a commoners' game as soccer??

  7. soccer  

    I would note that Panini Sportivo has been absolutely packed for the last few games, with standing room only, and even quite a few outside in the italy/germany match-up yesterday. also, soccer is hardly a commoners' game in the u.s. and is certainly watched mostly by elitists.

    completed unrelated, the plaque commemorating the battle of harlem heights has a hair pick stuck into george washington's sword case.

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