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Bwog’s recent weekend jaunt to Little Rock, Arkansas was filled with good culture and good times at some of the city’s premier attractions. The Clinton Presidential Center, for instance, was fascinating. The city’s Central High School, pioneer of desegregation, was inspiring. The waterfront was pleasantly thriving.

Bwog’s favorite attraction, however? Four words: Drive-Through Liquor Store.

liquor store 1

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that these sorts of establishments are not as uncommon as one might think, especially in the American South. Which makes perfect sense; in our fast-paced modern culture, sometimes you just don’t have time to get out of your car for a good stiff drink.

See another photo after the jump.

liquor store 2

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  1. fuckin new yorkers

    While it's obviously understandable for someone to not have seen drive-thru liquor stores, how is it that you were not aware of them? Is it that you aren't aware of what goes on in other parts of the US.

  2. yea  

    i consider myself a fairly well-travled individual, and i've never seen this before. i've heard of them, but i basically thought it was just bs. anyone have a list of states that have this great gift.

  3. mlp

    Louisiana has them in abundance. The drive-thru daiquiri stands are immensely popular, but don't worry about the drinking and driving problem; the daiquiris always have a piece of scotch tape right across the straw hole on the cup lid and the straw has to be still in its wrapper when they give it to you.

  4. i'm with fucking

    texas gottem.

  5. technically

    That's a Drive-/Thru/ Liquor Store.

  6. a little googling

    states that have them include louisiana, texas, arkansas, north carolina, arizona, illinois, kansas, ohio, florida, colorado, maryland, and 5 or 10 more.

    they're only prohibited in 28 states, according to Google, WHICH KNOWS ALL.

  7. can we ever have

    a post about another country w/o the comments turning into a red state/blue state fight? you know there's daily kos and free republic to do that.

  8. oops

    i meant..another part of the country

  9. kentucky

    has them, and they're great. especially when you know the owner and drink for free.

    and I know that texas has one named "pay and take it." which is amazing

  10. shira

    I think there's one in Minneapolis proper.

  11. trombone.dixie

    The best part about this particular drinkin' stand that bwog doesn't mention: when you go through it, a little bell rings and then the attendent pokes his head out of a yellow metal door of approximately two square feet in size, which he promptly slams once he has money in hand. So good you expect Toto to run through and bring down the whole show.

  12. columbia student

    I live across the street from one here in arizona.

  13. pissed off arkansan  

    this shit is ridiculous...y focus on the negative and call out little rock like that..i'm sure you saw plenty of sonics (drive through restaurants)...where's the pic of that?...how dare u call out the south like that--it's not like the northeast and west coast don't have their share of ignorance...i'm offended by this and fuck you whoever posted this

    • don't get so pissed off

      regardless of the posters intentions...i don't see this necessarily as being a negative..i think its just something northerners are fascinated by because they've probably never heard of it. As for negatives about little rock..gang problems are the real problem in town..so you shouldn't get your panties in that much of a bunch.

      And yes. the northeast and west coast have their problems and ignornace as well..its just most bwog visiters and i suspect contributers don't realize some of those things because they're so used to it..besides..the northeast and west have their own drive through restaurants (they call them wendy's and taco bell here).

    • What?

      Sonic isn't a novelty. They advertise on local TV in New York (and New England, for some reason), even if the closest one is in Pennsylvania.

    • I Am Offended, Sir

      By your classification of drive-through liquor stores as "ignorance". Is it ignorance to get liquor more quickly and efficiently? If it is I don't want to know what knowledge is.

  14. new yorker  

    sonic? what's that. i've never heard of it.

  15. DHI

    Shit I heard of Sonic before I even knew what a drive-thru restaurant was. Sonic the HEDGEHOG.

  16. When?

    Does school start up again...clearly we have some people with a little too much free time on their hands!

  17. i miss

    school. and learning.

  18. what i miss  

    is shiner bock.

  19. Rawr  

    SO ANGRY!!!

    But on a more informative note, I believe there's several drive-thru liquor windows in Key West. A helpful hint: Utilize them as much as possible, in order to maximize pleasure when vandalizing Hemingway's home.

  20. geez

    I think this entire string of comments is downright ridiculous. Im sure, all you angry southerners, that when you first got to New York and saw things you found out of the ordinary, you joked about them and pointed them out. That's how people react to new things. The idea that you find one's ignorance concerning drive-thru liquor stores bigoted is pretty much the most preposterous thing I've ever heard. Why don't you devote your fervent anger to more worthy causes?

  21. I think

    this whole string of comments is hilarious. Several lines here (esp. thx 28) made my day at work.

  22. re: geez  

    i don't actually think people who don't know about drive-through liquor stores are bigoted. provincial, yes. bigoted, no.

    i just use "fucking new yorkers" as a technical term. (no that first post wasn't me)

  23. When you walk through a storm

    you get soaked.

  24. In New Jersey

    there's drive through liquor stores, too. You just can't get mixed drinks but you get all the package goods that you want.

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