1. question  

    how does cuarts get all these great free tickets?

  2. dude

    just because all the bwog staffers work for cuarts doesn't mean this is the advertising space.

  3. why can't

    the arts initiative get us discounted movie tickets like the NYU kids have?

    • i think

      they're working on it.

      plus, i heard ccsc/esc tried to do it a few years back. but they couldnt figure out how to keep the money from getting stolen from the front desk or something. brilliant.

  4. EEe

    Columbia students can already buy discounted movie tickets at barnard. ($7 I think...)

  5. tickets

    Yeah, tickets are $7 at the CAO in Macintosh. Open 10-3 weekdays, but they only take plastic.

  6. don't listen to jerks

    i like this free stuff feature of the bwog. keep it up

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