1. monk's diner

    you guys might want to get pics of more buildings. virtually every space on campus is under construction right now, and it's really annoying.

  2. But

    Koronet isn't! (Or, rather, the building next to it is done). The neighborhood needed that nice touch of old 'n' ugly.

  3. baker's dozen

    any word if columbia hot bagels will make its comeback? better yet, any of you kids old enough to even remeber columbia hot bagels?

  4. mg

    yes, i am a rising senior, and god i miss columbia hot bagels with all of my heart and soul.

  5. Hmmm

    'Façade repairs and roof replacement will begin in July. Some scaffolding & bridging will remain until Fall 2007. Scaffolding will block the light to many offices and reading rooms. Facade & roof construction will also create considerable noise (grinding, chopping) and tar smells during this period.'

    Oh good. Noise and tar smells. How to make studying in Butler MORE fun....

  6. heyo  

    looks like i won't be the only making noise in butler this year! Booyah! Or tar smells! Pa-Ping!



  8. yeah

    spec ran an article about the building on 110- westside market was coming back but CoBag declined the offer to return. i feel like i missed out :(

  9. quiqui

    Did anyone notice that someone in a brownstone was playing playstation projected supersized onto the Butler facade drapery? It was around 1 am. Clever shit.

  10. hello student services?

    I'm not quite sure my student needs are being met when the library is reverberating with extremely loud noises. see what you can do?

  11. the meaning of life  

    anyone up for taking over butler, sailing it downtown and launching file cabinets at the new york public library?

  12. we would be

    no match for NYPL's flotilla of nearby circulating libraries. better bring along uris, avery, kent, and even barnard's library for a fair fight.

  13. barnard's

    library? ahahaha.

    maybe add law and sipa. and the soon to be unified science libraries.

  14. law and sipa  

    could definitely provide the pretention needed to fight off bryant park's nypl. although we may need pupin's telescope to spot the branches in queens.

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