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In a school that boasts the country’s most prolific overachievers and urges cutthroat competition, it is easy to become jaded.

Thank goodness small town papers exist to pat us on the back for a job well done. The Putnam County News and Recorder has recognized one of its proud residents, Terence Zaleski CC’07 for making the Dean’s list.

That one’s going on the fridge!

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  1. Nice  

    Good job Terence. Upper Putnam county is a place where stuff like that is news. Although, living in the next county up, I realize that I have never been mentioned in my local paper for a similar achievement. And so sprouts the seeds of jealousy.

  2. psssh  

    i didn't even make dean's list this year!

  3. SS  

    Ah, my local paper prints notifications of college students who make dean's lists if you send them a notification, but I've had uhm better things to do since coming here than remember to notify them.

    However, I did get full-page articles about myself and my exciting life and fascinating achievements in 2 local papers (with 1 front-page headline) for being valedictorian of my *mediocre* public hs.

  4. I think  

    when we first got in Columbia sent a card for your asking what your local newspaper was, if you filled it out they automatically report if you got on Dean's List, it appears in my local rag when I make it

  5. Tegan

    Sounds to me like another spectacular way for Columbia to market itself. Kudos, Lions. Kudos.

  6. confused

    how do you know if you're on the dean's list? i guess if i don't know, then i'm not on it? my gpa was good enough though, i thought.

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