Shades of Gonzo!

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Hunter S. Thompson decided the Ivy League was not for him 50 years ago after trying a few short-story classes at Columbia on the GI Bill, becoming perhaps the greatest of our illustrious dropouts. Today, AMNY reports that his longtime assistant and second wife, Anita Thompson, will finish up the BA in English that he started. Anita’s recommendations? Playboy editor-at-large Robert Love and former Senator George McGovern, whom Thompson covered in his ill-fated 1972 presidential bid. She’ll commute to school from Woody Creek, where she lived with her iconic husband, who was twice her age when he killed himself in February of last year.

Follow Anita’s adventures on her blog, which also chronicles her ongoing commemoration of Dr. Gonzo via the Woody Creeker, a magazine dedicated to his memory. As if having your ashes scattered over Colorado wasn’t enough…

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  1. that is one long commute  

    i don't see exactly how it works. fly home on weekends? certainly couldn't be a daily commute or could it?

  2. maybe

    they're E-Courses?

    did she have to enroll through GS?

    or is it some other program?

  3. HST GS

    If HST was in on the GI Bill, then he was GS too. I guess he didn't like it. The blog says Anita will commute by the way.

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