Columbia researchers say: choose vice

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Down with self-denial! In what might be a logical conclusion for a study coming out of the business school, an associate professor and a grad student have found that giving in to temptation makes people happier in the long run after all.

Money quote: “We really do believe that in day-to-day self-control dilemmas, people are better off choosing to indulge.”

But we could have told you that.

Thanks to Megan Greenwell for the tip.

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  1. so people feel  

    better when they indulge. but are they better? i love to booze it up, but i'm sure my liver would disagree

  2. as poster number  

    and probably the only person reading the bwog right now, i dislike how you once again grossly generalize an already grossly generalized news article about an interesting study.

  3. censorship!!!  

    two comments deleted in one thread. i cry foul. and most of mean-spirited quotes in this set of posting are mine.

  4. sweet

    at least bwog understands why i cheated on my gf

  5. Ah!  

    Why do no sane people post comments during the summer on Bwog?

  6. because

    over-airconditioned soul-sucking offices can make even the sanest folks a little whacked out

  7. hey

    why was my comment deleted? it was a reference to hell freezing over, not any kind of comparison or personal insult. i like that person, i just find the feud (it's over now?) amusing.

  8. Facetious  


    Just felt like saying it.

  9. no, no

    no comparison. a colorful way of saying hell hath frozen over. hatfields dancing with mccoys. two plus two equals five. dogs and cats, living together! it's nice of you guys to be extra vigilant, though.

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