Quick, what rhymes with NSOP?

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Living on campus for the entire summer to organize a week of events (a big job, Bwog knows) leads to time spent on some odd activities. Like composing the bulk of an e-mail to OLs in rhyming couplets. Read the full update-in-verse after the jump.

Also, bet you didn’t know this before you signed up: it’s “strongly recommended” that all OLs complete the first section of alcohol.edu (for out-of-touch upper classmen: that’s the online course that tells you how to drink responsibly in college) before they get back on campus in August. Presumably so they can tell freshies how best to use the course for drinking games.

Dearest OL’s,

I write you this email
straight from the heart
so we can get orientation
off to the right start.

This week at work
we did mailings.
While you were probably off
in the Caribbean sailing.

But today happened to be
the best day ever
because we got t-shirts for you
which will last forever.

The shirts are made of colors
that represent the BlaZe,
our summer is almost ending,
we are counting down the days.

The programs are solidifying,
time is running short
we have the list of students
that personnel had to sort.

Contracts are arriving
and the aquarium is getting fishy
I’m sorry if this poem
seems sort of kitschy.

The Schedulebook went to print
and the Facebook is complete
they both look amazing,
and the blurbs are really neat.

Everything is coming together
for NSOP orientation
but don’t email us back
cause we’re going on vacation. (July 29-August 6)

Have a good 2 weeks,
enjoy the rest of summer
whatever you’re doing now,
NSOP will be even funner.

See you soon!!
NSOP 2006

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  1. note to 10'ers  

    asking to play flip cup will earn you mean stares

  2. Sigh.

    This poem encapsulates everything I hate about NSOP.

  3. likely story

    being an NSOP leader in 04 qualifies as the worst week of my life

  4. heh

    Being an OL in 04 was the 2nd worst week of my life. Participating in NSOP in 03 qualifies as the worst week of my life. But hey! I got to move back a week early, got a few free John Jay meals, and got woken up at 3 am to blow balloons. It all works out, eh?

  5. never did nsop  

    they rejected me. as my bid to be a tour guide. guess i'm not nsop material

  6. well  

    NSOP rhymes with "please, stop."

  7. oh boy

    as uttered by a Barnard NSOP participant in '05:

    "NSOP = Not So Orgasmic Program"

  8. Couplets?

    Seriously? Are you absolutely certain you want to call those couplets?

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