1. w/all the

    high schoolers on campus, i'm afraid to say it's probably a failed sweet sixteen taping

  2. i saw people

    in wedding dresses. probably a wedding at st. paul's or, if they had the big bucks, low library.

  3. i laughed out loud

    at the NYU jab. brilliant.

  4. TTT  

    I don't get the NYU jab. Was that just a pathetic way of inserting an NYU "joke" (?) into an entry?

    And what's with all the high schoolers? It definitely wasn't like this last summer.

    • yeah

      i don't know. they're everywhere. maybe there's an extra hs program or something this year (summer ra's--help us out).

      as for the nyu jabs, its our repeated insistence to try to claim we're better to make up for the fact that nyu students are easily and inarguably much better looking than us

      • all that means

        is that they will make good future call girls and underwear models.

        the jabs have resonance. without a proper core or the embrace of a campus, all they have to delineate taste are gawker, tabloids, and other downtown articles of the novel and ephemeral.

        • nothing wrong w/the jabs

          i like participating in some good natured nyu bashing (the v show has elevated it to an art)

          however, lets not kids ourselves and pretend that nyu kids are any more likely to become call girls.. underwear models, high class strippers, and the occasional famous actor/actress yes

          but the call girl scene is obviously going to be dominated by the student body attending FIT--they already have brilliant new ideas w/fishnets

  5. Future Call Girl

    Actually, considering we're the ones taking out massive loans to finance our pricey education, and considering there's no lack of humanities majors who will be pretty much unemployable (for example, I'm a lit major slash aspiring hobo), I think it's safe to say Columbia holds the market on future callgirls and boys.

  6. DHI

    The NYU jab would have made sense if it referenced an actual thing about NYU - for example, on an article about bad heroin, "what is this, NYU?" would be logical, though it might "taste bad" or whatever it is those people say about "differently colored" jokes.

  7. hey

    engineers would make fine callgirls!

  8. silly nyu

    I returned to this thred to offer this morsel- george from the apprentice teaching an nyu class:


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