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Facebook whistle-blower Jon Ricci, who claims not to be affiliated with Columbia University, has outed the 31 members of Columbia Facebook group “Put Up or Shut Up.” Ricci sent an email to Columbia’s powers-that-be about those 30 men and one confused woman who advocate delivering “ovary punches, rabbit kicks, and haymakers” to those bossy females who coo instructions from the sidelines of an ass-kicking.

According to an e-mail from Tony Roman of Alumni Relations, sent to Bwog by an anonymous tipster, Ricci’s message has been forwarded to Student Affairs, which has promised to “look into” the allegations.

On Facebook’s list of related groups to “Put Up or Shut Up?” Columbia Baseball and the Inter-Greek Council.

Bwog reserves judgement.

Full text of the e-mail from Ricci after the jump.

Dear all,

My e-mail does not come as a joke, nor was it sent maliciously. I am sending this e-mail to make you aware of something that should be wholly-offensive and morally reprehensible, because your students are directly involved.

By now you are all aware of Facebook.com, the academic social network that allows students across the globe to connect, which is by and large used for platonic and professional networking. However, Columbia students have created a “group” called “Put Up or Shut Up.”

I have copied and pasted the description directly from the group, since most of you are probably unable to access the site without a username and password:

New Rule: If two dudes are fighting and a female bystander says something like, “Fuck yea, kick his ass,” that chick is considered a combatant. Ovary punches, rabbit kicks, and haymakers are more than fair game. If you’re a chick and you have no concept of what it means to be hit in the face, keep your fucking trap shut… put up, or shut up.

Additionally, the group’s picture is a man kneeling beside a woman that is laid out on her back on the side-walk, choking her as another man walks away.

I am in no way associated with Columbia. This was sent to me by a friend, and I think it would be unconscionable to let this group remain and its members go without some kind of consequence. I work with domestic violence and creating awareness around such a foul epidemic, and I think this is disgusting, even if the students meant it with humor. It is not funny.

Every 15 seconds a woman is abused is this country, and your students are adding to the problem. Specifically, your baseball team, Inter-Greek counsel, and Zbt Delta.

I did not blind copy the recipients of this e-mail because you should all be aware of who is receiving it… Professors, General Counsel, Executive Branch and Board, Alumni Relations. There needs to be a sense of responsibility to each other on this matter, and so you should all be aware of who is involved in receiving this information.

Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200445013

Please do something about it. I sincerely doubt beating women complies with Columbia’s moral code.

Thank you,
Jon Ricci

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  1. Hmm  

    Facebook mysogynist? But that's impossible!

  2. what should their punishment for free speech  

    this is bullshit. if someone once to advocate hate speech, go ahead. clear and present danger my ass. that's just talk for i'm a baby, please don't beat me up.

    put up or shut up.

  3. on closer inspection  

    there is something not right about the whole facebook group. mostly zbt members. this, i think is prank or payback of some sort. perpetuated on or by zbt.

  4. god. why am i making  

    all the posts. someone respond to me.

    so basically this guy thinks that the act of thinking beating women is ok is immoral. i agree. but columbia has no 'moral code.'

  5. can you say


    I hate PC people with no sense of humor. They ruin everything.

  6. wtf

    How many people did he CC it to?

  7. zbt is essentially

    the baseball frat. and this isn't directly 'mysoginistic'. It does have mysoginist overtones, but all the punching, etc is advocated towards those who engage in a particular type of behavior which is inciting violence. I'm guessing they would include guys who would say the same thing, except that the meatheads at zbt probably get into a fight anyway w/anyone who they feel looks at them the wrong way.

  8. pc and stupid.

    lets ban every group that advocates or asks for chivalry, or that is pro/against pink shirts/ or that talks about racial/social stereotypes

  9. um

    You should post the email with full headers, addresses, etc. so the Bwog counter-electronic-terrorism unit can track down this bastard Jon Ricci and fire a tomahawk missile his way.

  10. good work bwog

    now we can put a name to one of the shadowy figures who stalk facebook in order to sell out fellow students. I'm sure this ricci fellow has proofed facebook profiles for employers too, or even recommended facebook take off alexander hamlton's beloved electronic head.

  11. Fuck Ricci

    How about a good 'ole 1st Ammendment fuck you to this shit head by starting a group called "Jon Ricci Better Put Up or Shut Up...and by 'Put Up' We Mean Prison Style Beat Down...And By That We Mean Domestic Fuckin' Violence Baby"

  12. ugh

    are they now going to check all of the slightly sketch facebook groups? this is ridiculousl.

  13. J Train  

    You missed another related group: "I fake all my orgasms."

  14. quiqui

    It becomes increasingly difficult to identify with the hypocrisy of american, intellectual "liberalism," (and I do count myself as a liberal), when the right to partial birth abortion is extolled with screams and parades, while the right to free speech is met with "meh, you're really too stupid/naturally racist/immature/potentially dangerous/uneducated to be trusted with that right, so you'd better just let us, your betters, decide what you may and may not say. It's for your own good. Have a cookie."

    • you are right  

      poster 16. i agree with you on those points. one of larger reasons i never considered myself a liberal. i just realize that liberals have a few issues that they are just completely wrong on.

      • ??

        Who are these "liberals" you speak of? It's not an institutionalized group - I think it's pretty obvious that (American?) "liberals" disagree on a lot of things, so I'm not sure what you mean.

        • yeah..um

          you can be a liberal and oppose PBA and be against being overly PC..liberal's too general a term

          • hey i've met this kid

            and had a long conversation where he attempted to defend his libertarian views - i guess by "libertarian" he actually meant "hypocrite"

          • i'm not sure

            what you mean. libertarians aren't hypocrites as a rule..in fact its hard to say any ideology is

          • Well...

            Much tough I dislike Libertarianism, I actually think its one of the least "hypocritical" ideologies I can think of. It's really quite consistent: government should let people do what they want, whether it's spending massive corporate wages or havign gay sex.

          • or owning black slaves

            'cause, you know, who's the government to tell me what property I can have?

            Get me a libertarian that will admit that and I won't call him a hypocrite.

          • actually

            Libertarianism is a political philosophy advocating that individuals should be free to do whatever they wish with their person or property, as long as they do not infringe on the same liberty of others. And so, both parties are correct in this case, depending on your interpretation of the philosophy. The facebook group is free to express their opinions, however their support of violence can be interpreted as an infringement upon the right for society at large to be free of violent behavior towards them, which this facebook group encourages. On the other hand, Mr. Ricci is also in the right since he is empowered to use his freedom of speech to speak out against what he feels is wrong.

  15. Ricci Knows Best

    Look, the guy just loves a little "Wrestling". He's jealous that the group advocates jumping women, instead of him. Keep lifting weights bud, don't worry, things will work out for you. YARRR< GO FINANCE!

  16. looks like everyone's right  

    yay relativism!

  17. I agree

    with 31, which means I'm right too! And incidentally, even though Ricci "is in the right," he's clearly still a douchebag.

  18. Stephen

    You can't do whatever your want if you have to make sure it doesn't infringe on every possible person. As a political philosophy it is banking on mass consensus of communities and social spheres which is near impossible.

    Libertarianism is stupid.

  19. John

    Ignore politics for a moment.

    Mr. Ricci does not have a good grasp of our language—his grammar and his grasp of colloqual language attest to that firmly. Evidently, his reading comprehension is equally weak.

    I don't know what the above-mentioned movie is about, but I know Mr. Ricci has not seen it either; I think the group's message is fairly straightforward: don't incite violence if you're not willing to get involved. This is just, and throughly debases Ricci's unnamable reasoning.

  20. queen ravanamanalola of madagascar

    look at this way.

    our school has so much other shit going on that there's no reason for some dumass PC idiot to go around taking the humour out of anything funny. you silly americans - this is why your country is always frowned upon and mocked at elsewhere around the globe. why dont you just SHUT THE FUCK UP and laugh every now and then. i mean look around you. columbia is by far one of the most segregated schools i've ever seen. gays hang with gays, asian SEas nerds with korean christians and more asian seas nerds, white jocks with white jocks, cokehead rich new england preps have their own house at 434 riverside, and so on and so forth. shall i continue with all the so called "moral injustices". its this damn spirit of being POLITICALLY CORRECT that fucking takes all you americans and ironically places you in a position you initially were trying to fight so much against.

    i mean just look at any london school. upon my transfer to the london school of econ, lifes great. as a gay man i no longer feel obliged or sidelined within the str8 community and above all that my friends are all types of peoples: cokeheads, jamaicans, welsh, french, latin american, and even a korean christian or two.

    geez you fucking americans and your damn politically correct agenda - efff THAT shittteee!

    • ever think

      that maybe the image you established at columbia resulted in the cliques you hung out w/? the fact that you were in a new place gave you fresh start

      don't make us all out to be as ridiculous as you are

  21. idiots

    Before you discuss libertarianism you should know something about it, which the critics here certainly do not.

  22. Anonymous

    I know Jon Ricci personally. He is the biggest piece of S**t I have ever met. He claims that he is all about womens rights and promoting awarness of domestic violence . . .I have seen him drunk and his "PC" ideals vanish and he is a prick.

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