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As if you didn’t already have enough reason to go, Rack & Soul–the newish fried chicken place on Broadway at 109th–has ranked a respectable 47th on New York Magazine’s invaluable Best Cheap Eats list. In the other direction, on 131st st., Dinosaur BBQ came in 65th.

Because, you know, Manhattan above 96th is only good for down-home southern cooking.

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  1. Aspiring Critic

    I went to Rack and Soul last month, and was pleasantly surprised. The BBQ pork was delicions, and the macaroni and cheese ranked with the best I've had. Unfortunately, an entree with two sides ran about 15-20 dollars, which, to me anyway, is not exactly *cheap.*

  2. Q.R.  

    Screw Rack and Soul... in no sense is it even remotely "cheap" (more expensive than Pertutti doesn't qualify as cheap in my mind), and the food isn't that great. Not to mention that they don't serve soda... this place is a little hoyty-toyty for the student budget. Bring back Chickenfest!

  3. yea  

    i agree. way to expensive and the food wasn't very good. service also was lacking. i consider myself willing to go for higher priced restaurants if the food is better, but it was not the case here.

  4. real deal

    chickenfest was awesome, but if you're looking for a real deal, check out Popeye's on 125th.

    If you go later at night, the server is so high he'll give you an 18-piece when you buy a 12-piece almost without fail.

    And if you're really lucky, he might throw in a bit of crack for free.

  5. all of which goes to show...

    ...that Dino BBQ is the superior neighborhood meat factory. Icebox Pie 4 lyfe

  6. ker-razy  

    Rack & Soul was also featured in last week's New Yorker's "tables for two" column. You get a neat history of the restaurant's 2000+ lb smoker.

  7. bob  

    still i would never patronize a place that i used to call "chickinfested."

  8. rack & soul =

    a harlem-themed restaurant for columbia kids too scared to actually walk into harlem

    • Stephen

      It's not harlem themed. It's Barbecue.

      I went when it first opened, it was pretty good despite being a little pricey. Sides were really good (okra stew and sweet potatos!); I think the only complain that I had was that it was a BBQ place that didn't have sweet tea. What an atrocity!

  9. dude

    if good, cheap bbq is what you want, walk to dinosaur bbq. it's awesome, and much cheaper than r&s.

  10. oh man

    this thread makes me so hungry for bbq.

  11. A. Flynn

    I would list this as one of the single most *overpriced* restaurants I have ever been to. I have, however, seen Charlie Rose lunching here, which almost makes up for the cost.

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