1. uh

    you realize that caffeine excaberates dehydration, and doesn't alleviate it?

    get a decaf. and enjoy the 45 minute long line.

  2. Gothamist

    Love the Gothamist copy-edit. Just love it!

  3. Excaberator

    I got all excited about this until I remembered I'm not in New York.

  4. i got all excited  

    until i remembered it's fucking hot out. i'm not walking anywhere to get a free anything. i''ll just crank up the ac.

  5. also  

    why is everything on here anyonomous. it seems that the idea is that the comments wouldn't be anyonomous, much like the now deceased cucommunity.

  6. Shira

    Gawker has video from one of the stores... looks like mayhem. Today would have been a really bad day to be a Starbucks employee in NYC.

  7. really now

    Is there ever a good day to be a Starbucks employee?

  8. Shira

    yeah, I'm thinking most days at Starbucks are better than most days at Wal Mart.

  9. melisa

    speaking from experience, it's definitely a decent place to work. depends a lot on the location, though.

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