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Resident photobwogger Sumaiya Ahmed snapped some photos of the mega construction efforts tearing up campus and disrupting summer pick-up soccer games.


Thousands (or 1332 CC and SEAS) eager first-years arrive with parents and tuition dollars in just a week! Will Columbia Facilities make it in time?

More photos after the jump…

Resodding the lawn yet again. Anyone know how many times they’ve sodded this summer?



And as the workmen (and women?) toil under a scorching August sun to give us the high-quality green grass and brick pavement we desire…

…the Columbia student enriches her mind in the shade.

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  1. they've already

    finished the resodding. looks beautiful

  2. the scaffolding

    around butler is wanton, hideous blasphemy. already ruining the aesthetic calibre of my senior to properly reminisce!?

  3. haha sumaiya

    how did that laborer feel about you snapping his sisyphean trial?

  4. note on events

    re: LOL the movie...

    bwog has alumni!?

  5. wtf

    are they doing in front of kent?

  6. what  

    is the sense in building a 9th floor to Jerome Greene? I know that when they first built Greene, they left space for a 9th floor, but that seems retarded. I mean, it's one floor. Why not build another 10 floors. Idiots.

  7. shira

    ewwww. everyone knows columbia facilities could probably mobilize an army and get the whole field sodded in 25 minutes, though.

  8. just

    look at the little signs they put up at each project to see whats going on.

    the butler work is to clean the grimy facade i believe, and the kent work is to fix and upgrade the drainage under the plaza.

    with greene, it's a lot easier to build something that's minor and most likely approved already, than it is to build something entirely new that would require studies and approvals by both the city and the community. besides, greene is ugly enough, and making it 19 stories wouldnt help. to add insult to injury it would blot the sun out from wien, which sucks enough as it is. don't do that to them.

  9. i wish

    that the incoming class had 5 more members

  10. the lawn  

    has been resodded for about a month. that picture is way old, but still great. there really was no reason to tear the whole thing up.

    also, the kent thing has been going on since late may and looks nowhere near completed. also seems fairly unnecessary.

    get used to the butler scaffolding. it will be there until year's end.

  11. umm, yeah

    painfully obvious that bwog people aren't actually on the campus they supposedly cover. the grass is thicker and more lush than ever before, and I watched them planting it FIVE WEEKS AGO. this picture is a month and a half old. the question of course is whether it's the photographer or the editors who are the morons here...

  12. ghost of bwog past

    zach bendiner, where art thou?

  13. zhb

    I am here among the treetops, practicing my bird calls and Gallic gestures.

  14. so avi...

    plan to admit fucking up any time soon? or is that pesky ego going to keep getting in the way?

  15. and even the eic  

    cannot help but fall victim to his always irritated readership. no one is safe.

    • yeah

      it's like the editor of a publication has to be accountable to his readers or something... what an unreasonable demand, or at least avi seems to think so. after the "it's not our fault; you guys are the dumb ones!" post he's been conspicuously absent from bwog...

  16. mort  

    listen shut the fuck up for a second. i have a bit of gossip (?) THEY TOOK THE WEST END SIGNb oFF THE WEST END HOLY HELL

  17. hey

    if you folks are that jealous of avi, maybe you should not bitch about him behind his back about meaningless bwog posts and instead just come out w/it.

    no wonder all the enron types and weasel ambulance chasing lawyers all have ivy league degrees

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